Resuming Spirometry in Primary Care (A Practical Guide) – Interest Register

Target audience – HCP performing or supervising spirometry testing.

This 2 1/2 hour virtual interactive session will provide guidance and resources for health care professionals who are planning to re-introduce lung function testing to their practice area.

The aim of the session is to revise best practice, identify the barriers and practical issues and to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and confidence to safely resume spirometry testing in primary care.

Learning outcomes –

  • To revise best practice for carrying out spirometry
  • To assess the quality of traces and reject traces that do not meet BTS standards so that reliability and reproducibility of traces can be assumed
  • To identify suitable patients and stratify waiting lists for lung function testing
  • To describe and apply infection control measures to reduce risk of cross infection
  • To assess the suitability of patients for testing and exclude contraindications
  • To carry out pre-test quality assurance measures of equipment

We are looking to gauge current levels of interest in this training. If we get sufficient interest, we will arrange a date for this session and you will be informed as soon as this is available to book.