RESTORE 2 Training in Cornwall

RESTORE2 has support from the British Geriatric Society. It is now a national priority for implementation by the Academic Health Science Network and NHSE/I as a key component of the Enhanced Health in Care Home Programme.

Feedback to care home staff from Paul Kimpton Senior Nurse & Care Settings Support Nurse –

“The example you gave epitomises the essence of RESTORE2. The fact that having phoned 999 you were able to call back and handover that the NEWS score was climbing, was brilliant. The wait time dramatically reduced and the patient was seen more promptly and taken to hospital sooner, because of your actions.”

Health and Social Care staff in Cornwall can access RESTORE 2 training free of charge. Click here for more information- RESTORE 2 training

To discuss how RESTORE 2 training might work in your PCN, support your practice or your care home partners, contact:


What is RESTORE2?

RESTORE2 stands for: Recognise Early Soft-signs, Take Observations, Respond, Escalate. It is based on nationally recognised methodologies including early recognition (Soft Signs), the national early warning score (NEWS2) and structured communications (SBARD).

It is designed to support homes and health professionals to:

  • Recognise when a resident may be deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration
  • Act appropriately according to the resident’s care plan
  • Obtain a complete set of physical observations to inform escalation and conversations with health professionals
  • Speak with the most appropriate health professional in a timely way to get the right support
  • Provide a concise escalation history to health professionals to support their professional decision making


How can RESTORE 2 training support my GP practice/PCN?

These short video clips, explain how RESTORE 2 training benefits GP practice reception/triage and local care sector colleagues:


What’s been happening with RESTORE2 in Cornwall?

RESTORE2 roll out in Cornwall Care Homes began in 2019.   Free online workshops are available in partnership with Truro and Penwith College. There is Registered Nurse support available for clinical supervision of care staff and to embed tools within homes. To date some 300 staff in residential and domiciliary care settings, plus primary and community care, have received RESTORE2 training. 100% of staff surveyed said that the training had helped them to achieve earlier escalation of concern and earlier intervention for people in their care.


How does RESTORE 2 help to identify deterioration?

A selection of short videos, supporting the value of RESTORE 2 training in identifying and treating deterioration:


What specific skills does RESTORE 2 training teach?

RESTORE 2 training covers the following in detail, with opportunities for discussion, case studies, Q&A’s and competency achievement.


What resources are available for non-clinical staff?

Provided by Devon Training Hub, a slide deck presentation is available for non-clinical staff to view. This provides non-clinical GP staff with greater awareness of the RESTORE 2 tool,  the care provider training taking place in their patch and how to understand and action RESTORE 2 tool information they may start to receive from care providers using the RESTORE 2 tool.