Performing ECGs – Blended Learning

We recommend that the following learning is completed for an ECG to be performed competently and safely.

  1. Completion of the Self-Directed Learning Pack for Health Care Staff Performing ECGs on Adults. This pack covers why and when to do an ECG and what to do with the result. It does not teach how to interpret an ECG, although it will help recognise common and life-threatening heart rhythms.
  2. Review Clinical Skills.Net procedure guide as a resource to complement the self-directed learning pack (optional)
  3. The self-directed learning pack includes a theory and competency assessment which must be completed and passed to practice this skill unsupervised. (This should be done with someone adequately trained and competent in taking and interpreting basic ECG’s and can be done within your practice or, see offer outlined in bullet point 4.)
  4. The Training Hub offer an optional interactive learning session that enables you to practice this skill on a model, consolidate your learning and ask any questions. If you would like to attend this session, please place your name on our interest register using the icon button on the right. If there are a number of staff within a PCN who require this skill, we can arrange an in-house PCN session. Please request this via the email address below.

Please email [email protected] for access to the Self-Directed Learning Pack and Clinical Skills.Net.