Customer Care and Dealing with Potential Conflict – Interest Register

This course is aimed at Practice staff, including reception staff, admin, nursing and team leads.

The course will support staff members to understand what good customer care looks like and identify what service the practice would like to offer their patients. The training material will encourage discussion and reflection on when and how customer care may go wrong, situations which may cause conflict and potential conflict scenarios. The training will focus on finding solutions to address such situations.

The course covers:

Module 1: Customer (Patient) Care

  • Reflections on good and bad customer care experience
  • Agreement on what good customer care looks like and what patients should expect
  • Challenges within the practice

Module 2: Tips for Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding what conflict resolution is
  • The role of communication, listening and questioning
  • Tips on how to use communication well to prevent conflict situations arising or escalating

Delivery will be via online recorded videos, accompanied by a workbook, enabling some self-reflection ahead of an online live virtual seminar which would allow discussion and interaction around each topic. At the virtual seminar, participants can share their issues and can come up with solutions.

This course is currently in development. You can register your interest by clicking on the ‘register interest’ button.

Should you have any feedback on the content of this course, or have any specific areas you would like to see covered, please let us know by emailing and we will do our best to tailor some of the content.