Coordinate My Care (CMC)

Minimum Standard for Urgent Care practitioners:

Please watch the following film

For more comprehensive training watch this 20min film:

 Viewing & creating CMC care plans | Coordinate My Care | Urgent Care Plan 


What Next…

  1. To receive your log in details you will need to complete the User Access Form here: User Access form – Coordinate My Care | Urgent Care Plan 
  2. For further information and support you can view further training resources here: Clinical training | Coordinate My Care | Urgent Care Plan 


To view CMC Care plan:  

Once you have completed the training and have your login details follow this link to access the system – Patients can be searched using Name/D.O.B/NHS number etc 

You can use this link to create a ‘shortcut’ on your desktop/device for quick access. 


To create a Plan: 

If you need to create a plan you will be required to complete a 1-hour clinical training session. For more information please contact  


CMC technical support: