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Coordinate My Care (CMC)

What is Coordinate My Care? 

Coordinate My Care (CMC), an NHS clinical service developed by the Royal Marsden, is an advanced, whole system, care planning tool. It was developed to support people at the end of life, to live their final days in the way they wish. For patients with a plan, which have been created by their clinicians with them, everyone they meet along their health and care journey knows their diagnosis, how they wish to be managed and what to do in the middle of the night when their own doctors and nurses may not be available. 

  • Coordinate My Care supports patients to express and co-design their wishes about how and where they are treated. 
  • Coordinate My Care enables all healthcare professionals to offer more personalised medical care, with full respect to each patient’s preferences. 
  • Coordinate My Care streamlines workload through driving a multi-disciplinary approach to care planning across a single system thus sharing care planning responsibility, reducing costs, and improving system flow.  

Kernow Health CIC is coordinating the roll-out of CMC on behalf of NHS Kernow CCG across Cornwall in collaboration with Primary Care Networks, Community Teams, Hospices, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Emergency Departments, 111 IUCS and Patient Advisory Groups. 


  1. Watch this 20-minute training video: Viewing & creating CMC care plans | Coordinate My Care | Urgent Care Plan 
  2. To receive your log in details you will need to complete the User Access Form here: User Access form – Coordinate My Care | Urgent Care Plan 
  3. For further information and support you can view further training resources here: Clinical training | Coordinate My Care | Urgent Care Plan 

To view CMC Care plan:  

Once you have completed the training and have your login details follow this link to access the system – Patients can be searched using Name/D.O.B/NHS number etc 

You can use this link to create a ‘shortcut’ on your desktop/device for quick access. 

To create a Plan: 

If you need to create a plan you will be required to complete a 1-hour clinical training session. For more information please contact  

CMC technical support: