Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP) e-learning

This Course is being delivered by the CDEP

The South West Cardiovascular Clinical Network has funded access to the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme


Where should I start?
CDEP currently offers 16 topics. People may start wherever they choose as there is no particular order that needs to be followed.
If in doubt… start at the top with ‘Structured diabetes education’- it’s a great way to familiarise yourself with CDEP!

How long will it take me to complete a topic?
Each topic has a different number of competencies and therefore average length of time differs from 45 mins (Promoting self-care) to 5 hours (Nutrition & Physical Activity), but on average it takes 1-3 hours per topic.

Do I have to complete all the topics to generate a certificate of diabetes competency?
No, once you finish a topic you can generate a certificate of competency for that specific

How to register:

1. Access the website:

2. Click on the link: SIGN IN/REGISTER

3. Under NEW CANDIDATE REGISTRATION enter your EMAIL address, (this can be work or personal) and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

4. On the next registration page, choose a secure / memorable PASSWORD, then input the REGISTRATION KEY CODE: SWCVCN *If this code is not entered, you will be automatically passed to CDEP’s payment page. If this does occur, please contact CDEP for support.