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Are you a struggling Practice?

Where Practices feel they need immediate help our programme is here to support you. It may be that you have ideas about the support you need, perhaps to test new ways of working to ease workload or improve working at scale. You may be in a situation where you can’t see the wood from the trees and need help to put a plan in place. In each case we can help through our Resilience and Transformation Programme.


How it Works

Tell Us

Complete our online Resilience Assessment Tool. We know you’re busy so we’re offering you £750 to complete this.


We’ll meet with you and explore what support options are available.


If required we’ll arrange for an Intensive Review to help prioritise areas of support

Action Plan

We’ll collaborate with you to produce an Action Plan


We’ll deliver the necessary support package, which could be immediate stabilisation, short term intensive assessment or medium term improvement

About the Programme

Kernow Health CIC is your Company and we are set-up to deliver services on your behalf. This may take place in your cluster or locality. We can appoint a Relationship Manager to help you on this journey and facilitate the process, working directly with Practices who need support or who are vulnerable. Funds are available locally to support our struggling Practices and also to support initiatives for working clinically at scale.

Intensive Review

We‘re working with a range of expert partners who can conduct a rapid 2-day intensive review and from this we can work confidentially with commissioners and the LMC to define a tailored support package.

Tailored Support

Our partners can help by plugging skills gaps through the Community Education Provider Network, exploring ways to work together at scale, sharing resources or working towards common objectives. For example, we can help you explore employing and deploying a shared clinical pharmacist across your patch. This might be in a Primary Care Home or MCP type arrangement. Our partners have expertise in:

  • Property
  • Back office efficiency
  • Partnership working
  • Employment law
  • Prescribing
  • Mergers
  • Relationship Management
  • Contracting

Resilience Assessment Tool

Prior to seeking help we ask all practices to complete the Resilience Assessment Tool as it gives a clear picture of practice stability. We DO NOT need full sight of your financial data and all information will be treated confidentially.

See our Video Guide below for help with completing the Resilience Assessment Tool.

What to do next

Please send a copy of the final 'Report' tab from your completed Resilience Assessment Tool to for confidential use - we can then start a conversation about designing a support package for your practice.


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