Cornwall Training Hub FAQ’s- COVID-19

4th June, 2020

During these unprecedented times we have received many queries about our training and workforce programmes. We have done our best to provide you with answers to our FAQs.

Q: Is Cornwall Training Hub still providing face to face training?
A: No. Due to the likelihood of the pandemic situation prevailing for some time to come Cornwall Training Hub has suspended all face to face training until further notice.

Q: Is there any other training available?
A: Yes. The Training Hub is rapidly developing alternative ways to deliver a high quality training programme for primary care. The Training Hub website already contains links to e-learning for multiple topic areas, provided by the Training Hub and signposting other organisations.
Tip: Use the topic search button to select area of interest from drop down

Q: Will there be more local programmes added?
A: Yes. New programme additions are being uploaded to the website over the coming weeks. In each topic area the Training Hub seeks to match the quality of face to face delivery to enable equivalent learning outcomes and competency development, together with providing local context. In many topic areas very little education of this type currently exists, requiring commissioning and investment and the Training Hub is working with partner organisations and trainers to develop.

Q: Are new training programmes COVID-19 related?
A: Some learning resources are specifically COVID-19 related but others will cover core primary care learning as described in the original Cornwall training Hub Prospectus

Q: When will new programmes be available?
A: The first of the new local programmes will be remotely delivered within the next week. Training coming soon includes: Immunisations, Managing Remote Respiratory Reviews; Respiratory modules for Asthma and COPD; Hypertension seminar.Further details and booking available via the Training Hub website as these become available. Alternatively, please contact the Training Hub to express interest. For details of Hypertension and Respiratory training, please see the below section in this bulletin.

Q: How can I update for immunisations during pandemic restrictions?
A: Immunisation update training has been offered to those staff who were booked on the April course, which was cancelled. This training now combines national e-learning with a local remote seminar to discuss presentations, case studies and Q&A session. Further Immunisation Training dates, including Foundation Training, will be offered in June.

Q: How can I update for cervical cytology during pandemic restrictions?
A: For cervical cytology updates, e-learning (E-LfH) training is acceptable. Please complete the Sample Taker Update (recently updated) module, and the HPV Primary Module (links on TH website), then update the register with your certificate. Regarding Foundation Training, both PDI and Bristol lab have confirmed there are no plans to do any kind of remote training for the present time, thus this is currently unavailable.

Q: I can’t find what I am looking for on the Training Hub website, what should I do?
A: Transferring the education programme to remote delivery is a large task and will take time. Please bear with us as we try to do this to offer you the courses which will be of greatest benefit. Do contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for, or have any queries or questions.

Q: Will there be face to face delivery in the future?
A: We certainly hope we will be able to re-develop face to face training as we are enabled. For some skills, practical training will always remain a key component. However, we also hope that we will be able to take forward some of the things we will gain through developing alternative ways of delivering education and perhaps keep the best of both.

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