Support For Practice Managers

Detailed below are a range of resources, education, training, and support offers, designed to assist you in your role as Practice Manager/Assistant Practice Manager.  We recognise that the role of the Practice Manager can often be isolating, so have developed a Practice Manager Advisory Team which is a group of experienced Practice Managers who can provide you with a range of support.  


Practice Manager Courses 

We offer a range of courses to support you in your role, whether you are new into post, or are experienced in your role.  The courses are delivered by external providers specialising in Practice Manager training, ranging from HR and Finance, to Contract Management and Partnership Working.  Please see our prospectus for more information on the courses available, dates and booking arrangements.  

People Management and Business Focussed Masterclasses ***Coming Soon

We offer specialist 90-minute masterclasses on key HR and Finance Management topics.  These are delivered virtually or can pre-recorded previous sessions can be accessed via our portal.  Please see our prospectus for details and dates of courses. 

Appraisals *** Coming Soon 

Practice managers will be able to book an appraisal with one of our Practice Manager Advisory Team.  The appraisal is your opportunity to discuss what has gone well, where improvements can be made and put together a development plan for the next 12 months.  If you would like to book an appraisal, please click here (insert link) and complete the online form. 

Mentoring ***Coming Soon 

Mentoring for new Practice Managers, or those new to Cornwall is available through the Practice Manager Advisory Team.  You can access individual support, usually once a month with an experienced practice manager who is able to share there knowledge and experience to help you settle into the role.  To request a mentor, please contact 

If you would like to become a mentor and join the Practice Manager Advisory team, please contact the Training Hub ( for further details.  Training is provided to support you in this role.   


As a Practice Manager you can receive coaching through by one of our pool of Practice Manager Advisory Team.  Those who deliver coaching are qualified coaches or working towards a recognised coaching qualification.  Workplace coaching allows you to work on achieving your goals through a series of individual one to one sessions.  If you would like 

If you would like coaching externally, please visit our coaching pages for more detail. 

If you would like to become a coach and join the Practice Manager Advisory team, please contact the Training Hub ( for further details.  Funding to complete an accredited coaching course is available for 2021-22, although back fill funding is not available.  

Practice Manager Conference 

Kernow LMC hosts a bi-annual conference for Practice Managers which offers a day of CPD and networking for Practice Managers / Assistant Practice Managers across Cornwall.  A date for the next conference is yet to be confirmed. 

Peer Networking Events ***Coming Soon 

Peer Networking Events are available for Practice Managers delivered across ICA’s.  These take place monthly/bi/monthly and are facilitated by a local Practice Manager.  These groups are an opportunity to share issues or best practice as a wider group, and build relationships across PCN’s. Dates of the groups will be made available once confirmed. 


Accredited training 

There is a range of accredited training available to you as a Practice Manager.  Please visit the website for further details of the training provided, but options include: 



The Practice Managers Association offer a range of apprenticeship qualifications, as an alternative way of gaining a formal qualification.  


Useful websites

The following websites contain various resources and information which may be beneficial to you in your role as Practice Manager/Assistant Practice Manager. 

Kernow LMC have a range of knowledge-based resources specifically for Practice managers.  You just need to register to access them.  

Practice Index – a free forum for Practice Managers, with a subscription service for resources, policies and protocols.   

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) was formed in December 2020 with the aim of being recognised as the professional body that represents all managers working within general practice in the United Kingdom.