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Transformation - Local drivers for change

Five Year Forward View, GP Forward View and the local STP

Our aim is to create a local development plan for Primary Care that firtsly stabilises and sustains our workforce, and then helps it to devlop in line with the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) and the GP Forward View

The transformation of General Practice is being led by a coalition of partners under the banner of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. A Transformation Board has been established to lead this change and Primary Care is represented on this Board through NHS Kernow, NHS Engalnd, Kernow Health CIC and the LMC. More details of the STP can be found by clicking here.

A number of practices in Cornwall have already embarked on a journey towards operating at greater clinical scale and have been selected to be part of the National Association of Primary Care Home Programme

Practice Nurses

The CEPN aims to support practices in recruiting new staff. We have been increasing the number of student placements within practices and have talked to student nurses about the possibility of Practice Nursing as a career. The CEPN is going to formalise a plan to make this a reality for newly qualified nurses. Education is in place and funded for their development in the foundation programme funded by Health Education England South West (HEESW) and run by Plymouth University.

Our nurses need to be employed to access this course and our CEPN will ensure, by working with practices and HEESW, that the courses reflect the needs of parcatices and that Cornwall can take advatge of the places offered. The lack of a career pathway for Practice Nurses has been addressed in the HEE career framework for Community and Practice Nurses

The CEPN will be working hard to ensure the framework is implemented and we are developing a local strategy for the recruitment, employment and retention of our Practice Nursing workforce. We need to ensure that appraisals link with personal development plans and that this flows through to the delivery of education and training.

Place Based Systems of Care and working at scale

At present workforce planning is carried out individually by each practice; as we move forward with implementing placed based systems of integrated care it might mean sharing resources, such as a clinical pharmacist, across a group of practices, and this requires a coordinated view of future workforce planning. Health Education England (South West) are clear that education and training needs to be provider-led, making sure we have the right staff with the right skills in the right place.  Kernow Health, through the CEPN, are helping to shape future workforce planning in Primary Care in Cornwall. The Nuffield Trust have produced some key documents on working at scale 

The CEPN aims to work with practices to gain a complete picture of workforce needs and this will be central to understanding workforce changes so that we can deliver a high quality workforce that is fit for the future.  Delivering this will require a systemic approach to workforce planning, through Training Needs Analysis and access to timely and effective education and training.  The CEPN Steering Group has a number of practice nurses and practice managers, who sit on the Group, and who are shaping this work.

The General Practice Resilience Programme and Development Programme:

A number of programmes have recently been announced. The CEPN is working with NHS Kernow, NHSE, HEESW, SWAHSN and NHSIQ to ensure that all of the schemes are coordinated, that they are targeted where needed, and that they deliver the benefits required. KH CIC fear that without really effective coordination there will be duplication, overlap and waste.  NHS Engalnd have listed the resources allocated to the programme.  Details of the 10 practical high impact actions that can release time in practice can be found here.  The NHS Alliance has also published a number of case studies to try and reduce the workload in General Practice


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