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Nursing and care staff form the largest proportion of the health and care workforce and are currently facing many challenges such as an ageing population, new technology and difficulty in recruitment. However, the new Nursing Framework Leading Change Adding Value gives a future vision for all nurses whatever their role. Combining the nursing values of the 6 Cs, compassion, care, commitment, courage, competence and communication it combines these with 10 further commitments for the future, these are aligned to the Five Year Forward Views triple aims, which are to close three gaps in:

  1. Health and wellbeing
  2. Care and quality
  3. Funding and efficiency
General Practice Forward View

This document aims to maximise the potential of each individual whilst seeking to develop new ways of working that are person-focused and provide seamless care across the boundary that has traditionally separated health and social care. Working together to prevent illness will be a key goal. Practice Nursing teams are in a central position to influence this, with their work in immunisation, health promotion and screening.

People will be encouraged to self-manage their conditions and this will require different skills sets, such as motivational interviewing and making every contact count (MECC). Nursing leadership will be strengthened through developments, such as access to coaching and mentoring, with the aim of improving services, sharing good practice and identifying areas of unwarranted variation.

These principles will be the basis for developments in nursing over the coming years and will link closely with the projects being developed by the Cornwall Community Provider Network (CEPN). Cornwall CEPN will be working to develop the workforce for the future, making sure we have the right staff with the right education in the right place, working in an integrated way around the patient.

We would encourage all nurses especially those leading a team to read this document and explore the case studies, with the aim of being able to identifying unwarranted variations and efficiencies in your areas of care.

Career Development

Practice Nursing is a dynamic career and this has recently been recognised with the development of the Practice Nurse career framework, which gives nurses in Primary Care a clear pathway for developing their career. The CEPN will work to develop the career framework within Primary Care in Cornwall.

Primary Care in Cornwall

Regional and local Practice Nurse Websites

Mindful of the ever increasing amounts of information and resources available in a fast changing environment, the South West Practice Nurse website has developed from the original Cornwall Practice Nurse website; they are both available but have a different purpose. The South West website links the local Cornwall, Devon and Somerset websites and has several functions such as advertising job vacancies, resources (regional and national), discussion, news, contacts information and links to your local Practice Nurse websites.

Employment in General Practice – Job Vacancy

We are aware of the pressure on General Practice at this time and the need to recruit into the nursing teams to avoid workforce gaps as a large group of current practice nurses reach retirement age. To assist with this, practices can advertise job vacancies or search for locum nurses and Health Care Assistants (HCAs). Nurses can also advertise their availability for work.

Job Vacancies

Resources - Regional and National

National and regional resources are available on this tab. For ease of finding resources for example in in long term conditions, tissue viability, Immunisation, cervical cytology there is a filter for subject and location. They can also be searched for using the search box, in the top right hand corner of the page.


Local Practice Nurse Website for Cornwall

This site has a local flavour for Cornish Practice Nurses, with pages for latest local Practice Nurse news, here you can also find links to the regional patient group direction (PGD) pages.

Latest News

Local Courses and evaluations

All local courses for General Practice staff are advertised on the courses pages. Here the courses can be searched for in A-Z or date order and booked online or through the course contact details.

Local Courses

Once you have undertaken a rolling programme of education course you can click on the evaluation tab to gain access to slides from the day and complete your evaluation form.

If you feel there are resources missing from the site please contact with your comments and ideas.


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