Job opportunities

Practice Nurse- : Mullion & Constantine Group Practice- Mullion Health Centre/Constantine Surgery

Hours: Part Time approx. 24-30 hours
Salary: negotiable dependant on experience
Closing date: 19/08/2022


Mullion & Constantine Group Practice are offering an exciting opportunity to join our nursing team in a thriving, high achieving rural practice with excellent patient feedback.

We are highly regarded within the community in which we are proud to deliver care to.

We are looking to recruit a proactive, motivated person to join our proactive nursing team.

You will be expected to have nursing experience; General Practice/Clinic desirable but not essential,  and understand the importance of outstanding patient care. You will have a warm and confident personality, give excellent patient care as a priority and be by nature consistently positive, friendly and calm with confidentiality at the core of your work.


  • To provide nursing care by assisting the clinical team in all tasks as trained at the direction of the senior nurse
  • To allow effective communication between patients, carers, doctors and other primary care staff
  • To adhere to the strictest confidentiality when handling medical records and other information pertaining to patients and staff
  • To undertake some administrative duties when required, such as stock & stores ordering
  • Please see the Job Description for duties expected of this role.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work within a growing, highly reputable, dynamic team which strives for exceptional patient care.

To apply, please send your current CV to:

[email protected]

or by post to

Sarah McCallum, Operational Practice Manager, Mullion Health Centre, Nansmellyon Road, Mullion, TR12 7DQ.


  • To provide nursing care by assisting the clinical team in all tasks as trained at the direction of the senior nurse
  • To allow effective communication between patients, carers, doctors and other primary care staff
  • To adhere to the strictest confidentiality when handling medical records and other information pertaining to patients and staff
  • To undertake some administrative duties when required, such as stock & stores ordering



Duties may vary under the direction of the Senior Nurse and Practice Manager depending on workload and staffing levels and may include the following:

Primary Nursing Duties

  • Conducting health checks for new patients
  • Perform smears and cervical Cytology
  • Perform Anti coagulation testing & monitoring
  • Providing wound and ulcer care
  • Undertaking suture and clip removal
  • Performing ECGs
  • Performing doppler assessments
  • Carrying out compression bandaging
  • Measuring blood pressure, temperature and pulse
  • Measuring height, weight, BMI and blood sugar levels
  • Ascertaining smoking status
  • Providing venepuncture and phlebotomy services
  • Taking peak flow readings
  • Undertaking urine testing
  • Conducting routine immunisations including routine childhood immunisations
  • Chronic disease management (Diabetes, learning disabilities, CHD Asthma/COPD)
  • Undertaking opportunistic screening for diabetes
  • Providing treatment during hypo/hyperglycaemic emergencies
  • Assisting in providing emergency treatment for asthmas attacks
  • Assisting GPs in minor surgeries
  • Assisting in fittings of intra-uterine devices
  • Administering therapeutic injections e.g. Prolia, Zoladex, prostap & any other injections requested by secondary care



  • Ensuring that specimens are passed on to the pathology service
  • Recognising changes in patient observations and taking appropriate action
  • Advising patients with regards to healthy lifestyle choices
  • Providing dietary advice for healthy eating and the recommended limits for alcohol consumption
  • Offering travel health advice and ensuring patients are given appropriate immunisations
  • Administering medications on prescription if required and according to Practice protocol/SOP
  • Formulating specific wound management plans for patients
  • Acting as patient chaperone when needed
  • Applying infection control measures including safe disposal of waste materials, handling laboratory specimens, decontamination of instruments, dealing with body fluid spillages and reporting needlestick and other injuries
  • Attending regular anaphylaxis and resuscitation training and demonstrating sufficient competency in other emergencies such as stroke, haemorrhage or infarction
  • Assisting in seasonal clinics such as the annual ‘flu campaign and monitoring vaccine storage
  • Maintaining awareness of child health procedures and points of referral
  • Recognising indicators of child abuse and family violence, referring appropriately
  • Recognising indicators of substance abuse and addictive behaviour, referring appropriately
  • Recognising the needs of patients with depression or at risk of suicide, referring appropriately
  • Maintaining knowledge of contraceptive choices, emergency contraception and pregnancy, referring appropriately
  • Offering advice on the causes and avoidance of sexually transmitted infections
  • Advising & performing cervical cytology screening
  • Promoting breast cancer awareness, self-examination and providing accompanying literature
  • Promoting men’s health including testicular self-examination, prostate disease,  vasectomy and sexual health
  • Ensuring stock replenishment and rotation



  • Maintaining and restocking leaflets and notices within the waiting room areas and reordering materials and literature
  • Communicating effectively with a wide range of people, whether face-to-face, over the telephone or via email
  • Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and keeping the working environment free from hazards
  • Attending and participating in regular Practice staff meetings and assisting in policy making
  • Ordering vaccinations and other pharmaceuticals as required
  • Maintaining knowledge of developments in the NHS and keeping up-to-date with public health news
  • Attending annual appraisal meetings and keeping a written self-development plan
  • Maintaining familiarity with the appointment and repeat prescription system, including ensuring sufficient patient information is recorded
  • Offering administrative support, including ensuring the computer system is up-to-date with all consultations
  • Organising own work schedule and taking responsibility for prioritising workload
  • Participating in educational activities and in-house training by sharing skills and knowledge with colleagues
  • Maintaining professional development as well as personal objectives, by taking part in organised study days and self-directed learning
  • Cooperating with audits and Practice research
  • Liaising with healthcare agencies if necessary
  • Promoting the full range of Practice services to patients
  • Maintaining knowledge of and adhering to the NMC Code of Conduct



Health and safety considerations must be adhered to as follows:

Maintaining a thorough understanding of health and safety protocol for oneself and others

  • Using security systems within the Practice as instructed
  • Identifying potential risks within the Practice environment and undertaking to minimise such risks
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge and training of health and safety guidelines
  • Understanding and utilising appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining hygiene in work areas and keeping the premises free from hazards
  • Immediate reporting of potential risks as identified



  • In the undertaking of the duties outlined above the post-holder may have access to sensitive information relating to patients, carers and Practice staff. This must be kept strictly confidential at all times.
  • Patients seeking information from the Practice do so in confidence and as such have the right to expect that staff will respect their privacy and act appropriately
  • Practice policies and procedures relating the protection of personal and sensitive data must be adhered to at all times and only divulged to authorised persons.
  • The post-holder will support the equality, diversity and rights of patients in a manner that is consistent with Practice policies and legislation
  • The privacy, dignity and beliefs of patients, carers and colleagues must be respected
  • The post-holder should behave in a manner which is welcoming, non-judgmental and respectful of the circumstances and rights all of all visitors to the Practice


The post-holder will participate in any training programme deemed appropriate by the Senior Nurse & Practice Manager, which may include:

  • An annual individual performance review, to include the contribution a record of own personal and professional development and discussing targets for the future
  • Taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills to other members of staff when required
  • Attending any external training course thought appropriate to the role


The post-holder will strive to:

  • Effectively prioritise own time and workload
  • Alert colleagues to issues of quality and risk
  • Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions
  • Contribute to the effectiveness of the team by making suggestions for areas of improvement
  • Work constructively with individuals in other healthcare organisations to meet patients needs
  • Communicate problems effectively with other team members and work together towards a solution



The post-holder will be expected to:

  • Maintain and apply Practice policies and seek to uphold standards
  • Discuss Practice policies with other members of the team and seek to implement new services and quality standards where appropriate
  • Participate in audit when required



To apply for this job please contact:

Sarah McCallum (Operational Practice Manager)

Mullion & Constantine Group Practice- Mullion Health Centre/Constantine Surgery

[email protected]

01326 240212