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Maternity Locum vacancy at Godolphin Health – (Praze & Connor Downs Surgery)

Hours: 5 sessions
Salary: £10404 per session per annum
Closing date: 31/08/2022


We are looking for a 5 session locum to cover some sick leave and then some maternity leave. We are looking to fill this post as soon as possible and can be flexible on the number of sessions and length of contract.
We are a training practice looking after a list of 7800 patients over two sites, dispensing to 65% of them. The three partners are supported by a growing multidisciplinary team comprising 4 salaried GPs, 2 nurse practitioners, a practice nurse, an associate practitioner and an HCA plus our GP trainees. We have a physician associate, a share of three mental health practitioners, a first contact physiotherapist, care home paramedic and a share of two pharmacists and a pharmacy technician through our primary care network. We are friendly and supportive bunch!
We triage all appointment requests using Klinik which has allowed us to offer 15-minute telephone consultations and 20-minute face to face appointments in our routine surgeries. We do 11 consultations in the morning and afternoon surgeries and an equal share of half day duty clinician sessions. There is protected time for pathology results processing. Home visits are rare and are shared amongst the clinical team allowing us to offer excellent care to our palliative and most frail housebound patients without being overburdensome.
We have a weekly MDT with the whole clinical team which is a great time to come together for patient care and personal learning. We hold a three-monthly protected half-day clinical governance/educational meeting for all staff.
In February 2022 we were rated as good by the CQC in all areas. We have modern high quality premises. We are one of two members of the proactive and flourishing North Kerrier West Primary Care Network.

Clinical responsibilities:

• In accordance with the practice rota, as agreed, the post-holder will make him/herself available to undertake a range of duties including surgery consultations, telephone consultations and queries, visiting patients at home, checking and signing repeat prescriptions and dealing with queries, paperwork and correspondence in a timely fashion. The ‘duty doctor ‘manages the urgent & on the day demand and flexibility within the team is expected to meet day to day demand.
• Making professional, autonomous decisions in relation to presenting problems, whether self-referred or referred from other health care workers within the organisation
• Acting as Usual GP for a proportionate share of the practice’s patients
• Acting as part of a team approach to review workflow within the practice systems to include incoming documents, pathology results, medicines management/queries, practice emails and tasks.
• Assessing the health care needs of patients with undifferentiated and undiagnosed problems
• Screening patients for disease risk factors and early signs of illness
• In consultation with patients and in line with current practice disease management protocols, developing care plans for health
• Providing counselling and health education
• Admitting or discharging patients to and from the caseload and referring to other care providers as appropriate
• Recording clear and contemporaneous consultation notes to agreed standards
• Collecting data for audit purposes.
• Compiling and issuing computer-generated acute and repeat prescriptions
• Prescribing in accordance with the practice prescribing formulary (or generically) whenever this is clinically appropriate
• May be required from time to time to complete medical reports & forms for patients & third parties.
• In general the post-holder will be expected to undertake all the normal duties and responsibilities associated with a GP working within primary care.

Other responsibilities within the organisation:

• Attendance at practice clinical meetings as scheduled
• Awareness of and compliance with all relevant practice policies/guidelines, e.g. prescribing, confidentiality, data protection, health and safety and safeguarding of children & vulnerable adults
• A commitment to life-long learning and audit to ensure evidence-based best practice
• Contributing to evaluation/audit and clinical standard setting within the organisation
• Commitment to data quality within computer-based patient records
• Contributing to the summarising of patient records and read-coding patient data
• Attending / undertaking training and events organised by the practice or other agencies, where appropriate and ensure that training is kept up to date in line with Practice protocols
• Praze surgery is committed to GP training & post holders may sometimes be asked to supervise & debrief registrars. Appropriate time provision would be made for this.


• In the course of seeking treatment, patients entrust us with, or allow us to gather, sensitive information in relation to their health and other matters. They do so in confidence and have the right to expect that staff will respect their privacy and act appropriately
• In the performance of the duties outlined in this job description, the post-holder may have access to confidential information relating to patients and their carers’, practice staff and other healthcare workers. They may also have access to information relating to the practice as a business organisation. All such information from any source is to be regarded as strictly confidential
• Information relating to patients, carers, colleagues, other healthcare workers or the business of the practice may only be divulged to authorised persons in accordance with the practice policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and the protection of personal and sensitive data.

Health & safety:

The practice infection control policy and health & safety policy and procedures includes (but will not be limited to):

• Using personal security systems within the workplace according to practice guidelines
• Awareness of national standards of infection control and cleanliness and regulatory / contractual / professional requirements, and good practice guidelines
• Providing advice on the correct and safe management of the specimens process including collection, labelling, handling, use of correct and clean containers, storage and transport arrangements
• Correct personal use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensuring correct use of PPE by others, advising on appropriate circumstances for use by clinicians, staff and patients.
• Management of the full range of infection control procedures in both routine and extraordinary circumstances (e.g. pandemic or individual infectious circumstances)
• Hand hygiene standards for self and others
• Managing directly all incidents of accidental exposure
• Management and advice relating to infection control and clinically based patient care protocols, and implementation of those protocols across the practice
• Active observation of current working practices across the practice in relation to infection control, cleanliness and related activities, ensuring that procedures are followed and weaknesses / training needs are identified, escalating issues as appropriate to the responsible person
• Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks across clinical and patient process
• Making effective use of training to update knowledge and skills, and initiate and manage the training of others across the full range of infection control and patient processes
• Monitoring practice facilities and equipment in relation to infection control, ensuring that proper use is made of hand cleansing facilities, wipes etc, and that these are sufficient to ensure a good clinical working environment. Lack of facilities to be escalated as appropriate to the responsible manager
• Safe management of sharps use, storage and disposal
• Maintenance of own clean working environment
• Using appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining work areas in a tidy, clean and sterile, and safe way, free from hazards. Initiation of remedial / corrective action where needed or escalation to responsible management
• Actively identifying, reporting, and correction of health and safety hazards and infection hazards immediately when recognised
• Keeping own work areas and general / patient areas generally clean, sterile, identifying issues and hazards / risks in relation to other work areas within the business, and assuming responsibility in the maintenance of general standards of cleanliness across the business in consultation (where appropriate) with responsible managers
• Undertaking periodic infection control training (minimum twice annually)
• Correct waste and instrument management including handling, segregation, and container use
• Maintenance of sterile environments
• Alerting practice management to any incidences of abusive, intimidating or discriminatory behaviour on the part of patients or others

Equality and diversity:

The post-holder will support the equality, diversity and rights of patients, carers and colleagues, to include:

• Acting in a way that recognizes the importance of people’s rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with practice procedures and policies, and current legislation
• Respecting the privacy, dignity, needs and beliefs of patients, carers and colleagues
• Behaving in a manner which is welcoming to and of the individual, is non-judgmental and respects their circumstances, feelings priorities and rights.

Personal/professional development:

In addition to maintaining continued education through attendance at any courses and/or study days necessary to ensure that professional development requirements are met, the post holder will participate in any training programme implemented by the practice as part of this employment, such training to include:

• Participation in an annual individual performance review, including taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal and/or professional development
• Taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others who are undertaking similar work.
• Participating in on line training through Bluestream Academy (or other alternative means of delivering training online) in a timely fashion within the schedules determined by the Practice from time to time.


Praze Surgery is committed to quality throughout the organisation. In line with that commitment the post holder will perform such work as may reasonably & proportionately be required to fulfil the requirements of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and other quality schemes to which the Practice may ascribe, such as the General Practice Prescribing Quality Scheme (GPPQS). Praze Surgery has consistently achieved a high QOF score and regards consistency in those standards as central to preserving the reputation and status of the business. More generally the post-holder will strive to maintain quality within the practice, and will:

• Alert other team members to issues of quality and risk
• Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions, either directly or under supervision
• Contribute to the effectiveness of the team by reflecting on own and team activities and making suggestions on ways to improve and enhance the team’s performance
• Work effectively with individuals in other agencies to meet patients’ needs
• Effectively manage own time, workload and resources.


The post holder should recognize the importance of effective communication within the team and will strive to:

• Communicate effectively with other team members
• Communicate effectively with patients and carers
• Recognize people’s needs for alternative methods of communication and respond accordingly.

Contribution to the implementation of services:

The post holder will:

• Apply practice policies, standards and guidance
• Discuss with other members of the team how the policies, standards and guidelines will affect own work
• Participate in audit where appropriate.

To apply for this job please contact:

Alyson Wynn (HR Manager)

Praze GP Surgery (Godolphin Health)

[email protected]