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eHealth proposition

eHealth presents a significant opportunity to revolutionise healthcare and there are thousands of health tech products looking to make a positive impact to individuals and health providers. Adoption of these products in the UK depends on their ability to make a decisive impact on the health system as well as the patient. We’re taking a clinically led approach to eHealth to identify technology that can help address a number of challenges faced by the health service.


Our approach

Our partnership approach aims to connect health tech businesses with real life Primary Care scenarios. Through our partnership we can evaluate the impact of health tech products on General Practice and identify any areas for development.

Addressing system pressures

Whilst we can tailor the offer, primary attention will consider how health tech products address existing system pressures, i.e.:

  • Reducing cancellations or unnecessary appointments in primary care.
  • Supporting the empowerment of patients in self-care.
  • Improving communication between patients and care-givers.
  • Reducing GP workloads.
  • Providing care in unmet areas of need.
  • System cost savings.

Our Partnership

Our Partnership extends to academic bodies, front line clinicians, clinical research networks and patient groups, with expertise covering all stages of health tech product management; implementation evaluation and usability research; NHS commissioning; clinical governance; Primary Care research and trials delivery. We also have experience of NHS service development. In addition we have business development and front line delivery experience within high growth tech start-ups through to blue-chip established companies.

Our Cornwall based GP network covers in excess of 550k patients, substantial clinical expertise and a sizeable environment for real life evaluation. Cornwall has a lot to offer for innovators in healthcare, not least a streamlined healthcare system, with a single NHS Trust, one Clinical Commissioning Group and one local authority, making the region a great choice for many looking to access the healthcare system in the UK.

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