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Primary Care Support Team

What is the Primary Care Support Team (General Practice Staff Bank)?

The Primary Care Support Team provides flexible additional resource for all roles in general practice, both clinical and non-clinical. The bank consists of both Locum Workers (self employed) and Casual Workers (casual worker contract) who are able to fill vacant shifts across practices in Cornwall.

How does the Bank work?

Practices who have signed up to use the bank are able to book Bank Workers to cover gaps in their rotas. The Bank consists of individuals who have signed up and provided appropriate documentation and have the required competencies to work in general practice. We work with Lantum who provide the digital booking platform for the Bank on behalf of practices in Cornwall. There are sign up processes for practices and for workers – more detail on this can be found below.

Bank Workers with available capacity, are asked to set their availability in the online calendar via website or mobile app, through Lantum. Practices are then able to view availability and subsequently request to book a Bank Worker for a particular shift. Practices are also able to add shifts onto the system that Bank Workers can apply for.

What are the benefits?

  • It enables the workforce to be used more effectively across Cornwall.
  • It enables practices to access a pool of Bank Workers who are available to fill shifts.
  • It provides a flexible way of working for the practices and Bank Workers.
  • It reduces the reliance on agency workers and associated costs.
  • It enables practices to access specific competencies which may not be available in their practice.

How do I join?

To sign up to the General Practice Staff Bank, workers must read the relevant documents below and request further information from Kernow Health CIC.

In order to create an account, documentation must be returned, and a sign up link will be provided.

Where Bank Workers are already employed by a practice, the practice must also sign an acknowledgement form to confirm they are aware and happy for their staff member to join the Bank.

For additional information or to discuss further, please contact us at


Information for Practices

In order for a practice to have access to the General Practice Staff Bank, they must first complete our “Business to Business” agreement. This outlines the terms of use of the platform, obligations for utilising workers.

Following this, practice managers and their teams will be given a sign up link to access the Lantum platform and create their practice profile, helping workers to understand the services they provide. Practices will then be able to post available shifts and book workers, including viewing the profile, competencies and governance documents of the individual.

Practices wishing to sign up to the bank should contact us for a copy of the business to business agreement.


Information for Casual Workers

“Casual Workers” sign up to the bank working under a casual worker contract with Kernow Health CIC. These workers are not required to manage their tax and National Insurance payments, as these are deducted for them.

In order to become a casual worker on the bank, you will need to complete an application form and be part of an interview process with members of the multi professional team at Kernow Health CIC.

To find out more about this method of signing up to the bank, please contact us for an application form.

Information for Locum Workers

“Locum workers” sign up to the bank as self employed or through their personal services company to provide their services. These workers are required to manage their tax and National Insurance payments.

In order to join the bank as a locum worker, you will need to complete the affiliate agreement, and following this you will be given a sign up link to create your Lantum profile. This involves uploading all professional documentation and registration details which practices will be able to view when booking your services.

To find out more about this method of signing up to the bank, please contact us for the affiliate agreement.