Early Career GP Support

Our Support

The Training Hub continues to develop the offer of support to early career GPs. To hear more about this support, to get involved, or to be added to our communications bulletins please contact us at:


The Training Hub hosted an evening event for early career GPs in November 2019. GPs from across the system with a variety of roles and experience came to speak about working in Cornwall and the opportunities available. We will be developing a series of seminars which we hope to make available in webinar format on different areas of interest for newly qualified GPs and PNs. Some examples of these might be:

  • Running CPD/Peer Support Groups
  • Appraisals
  • Top Tips for Working as a Locum
  • Becoming a Portfolio GP
  • Introduction to Primary Care Networks
  • How to Complete your Tax Return

Plans for these face to face seminars are currently paused due to Covid-19 restrictions, however we hope we will be able to run these virtually over evenings (2 topics per session) with each topic covered for 30-45 mins and a break between for networking and discussion. We will also look to make these available online after the event for those who are not able to make them.

Please also see our information on the New to Practice and GP fellowships.



Would you like guidance from an experienced and trained GP mentor as you settle into life as a new GP/Practice Nurse?

We offer mentoring if you are a newly qualified GP. This is designed for those in their first year of practice and runs for a 1-2 year period, with meetings between mentor and mentee every 2 months.

We will try and match people geographically for work/living area for convenience.

If you would like to be mentored or to find out more about how coaching & mentoring can help you in your early career, please contact us.

Peer Support/CPD Groups

Are you looking to start or join a CPD or Peer Support Group with other Early Career GPs in Cornwall?

We are offering to help link up GPs in their first 5-year post qualification to form “First5” groups; these will be opportunities to network and socialise with others, as well as share experience and different educational topics.

With the geography of Cornwall, we may try and match people into groups based on their home or work location. Ideally these will be groups of 6-12 GPs.

In addition to linking you up to form a group, we can help with finding venues and local experts in different specialties to facilitate your sessions.

If you are interested to find a local group or would like some assistance in getting your group working, please contact us at;