Education Programme


Welcome to the Cornwall Training Hub Education and Training programme. You will find details here of our  in house courses and other training we offer. We send a bi weekly communication to General Practice with news, information, courses and resources. Please contact us at to be added to our mailing list, or find our previous bulletins here.

During the ongoing pandemic, we have received many queries about our education programme. We have done our best to provide you with answers to on our Frequently Asked Questions page which can be found here

Course Prospectus

The prospectus provides an overview of what is currently available. However, we continue to work to expand and improve the education programme. This means that new courses will continue to be added to our training programme as time goes on. Should you have particular training requirements within your practice which are not currently catered for, please let us know.

Multi-Professional Training

Our core education programme is supported by General Practice subscription, direct funding for specific projects and specialist courses, individual training place purchase and support from the pharmaceutical industry where appropriate. To sign up your practice to be able to access the programme please contact us at We will get in touch with subscription costs and information.

Most of our courses can be accessed by any practice identified team members, irrespective of discipline, that are employed with a subscribing practice. We are able to procure some education and training at scale in a bespoke way that meets the learning and development needs of the wider Cornwall clinical workforce, and our team of multi professional educators regularly review our programme to ensure it is meeting the needs of our clinical and non clinical teams.

University modules & College Courses

The Training Hub is a central point of access to advanced level courses in health care (e.g. Non-Medical Prescribing, Advanced Practitioner) and apprenticeships. We work with Health Education England to access and co-ordinate the funded places available to clinical teams in Cornwall. Please contact us to register interest and be added to the waiting list for these places.

Other Learning

If you cannot see the course you are looking for, the Training Hub education team can signpost you to a variety of alternative learning options. The following may be a helpful start point:

E-learning for Health– Free for all NHS staff to access with their NHS e-mail account

The NHS Learning Hub – HEE’s Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Learning Hub is a new digital platform that provides easy access to a wide range of resources, many in response to the COVID-19 efforts to support the health and care workforce, that are pertinent to education and training in health and care. New features will be frequently released to provide a comprehensive learning experience for users. You are invited to access the Learning Hub either using eligible e-Learning for Healthcare log in details or by creating a Learning Hub account.

Multi-Professional Conference

The Training Hub annual conference, ‘Better Together’, encourages networking and best practice, whilst giving direct access to national speakers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will not go ahead in 2020, but we hope to re-schedule in 2021.

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Health Education England Funded University Modules

For more information on the modules available, please click here

Applying for Funding for Non-Clinical Training

Cornwall Training Hub has limited funding to support the CPD of those who are in a non-clinical role to undertake non-clinical training. Applicants are able to apply for up to 50% of non-clinical training costs, up to a maximum of £1,000 per individual. As funding is limited, it will be considered on a first come first served basis and the offer will end when the funding allocation has been spent, or at the end of July 2021 (whichever is sooner). There is a range of learning options available through the Primary Care Education Programme, but where a suitable course is not delivered, a contribution towards the cost of a course an individual is seeking to complete, may be available. This provides access to a wider choice of courses based on individual need.

How does the scheme work?

Individuals must identify their training need as part of their appraisal or development plan and this must be agreed by their Practice.

Funding is limited and therefore places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Once all funding has been allocated, no further courses will be funded.

Apprenticeship opportunities for courses should be explored in the first instance and if a suitable option is not available, funding options may then be explored.

No backfill is provided. Funding is available to subsidise the cost of the course only.

Making an application

Individuals must complete the Application form for Funding and ensure that this is signed and approved by their Practice before submission.

Applications will be administered by Cornwall Training Hub. If insufficient information is provided, further information may be requested from an individual.

Approval Process

In order to assess whether the training is eligible for funding, the Training Hub will consider the following criteria:

  • Does the application relate to the provision of education and training?
  • Does the education training fit with appraisal objectives?
  • Has the training been signed off and approved by the Practice?
  • Is this training unavailable through the current Primary Care Education Programme?
  • Is the training available as an apprenticeship and if so has this been considered in the first instance?
  • Has the Training Hub received other similar requests, in which case a wider procurement of training at scale may be appropriate?
  • Does the training fit with wider PCN aspirations/national primary care policy?



Application process

Once an application has been approved, Cornwall Training Hub will notify the individual and/or their Practice.

Individuals / the Practice must provide the Training Hub with an invoice for the amount of funding agreed, accompanied by copy of the invoice from the educational provider for the full amount of the course, or an invoice must be obtained from the education provider directly.

Non-completion of the course

Where an individual withdraws from the course, fails to complete the course, or does not commence the course, full or part reimbursement for the sum provided to the Practice may be requested by the Training Hub.

Application form for Cornwall Training Hub Funding