Verification of Death Training – 14th September 2021

The overall aim of the session is to educate, train and assess registered nurses in verifying death, by underpinning it with a base knowledge of the law (national and local policies) The sessions are delivered via teams and you will receive a link a few days prior to the session.

What will I learn?

  • Recognise that the death of the patient should be dealt with in a timely, sensitive and caring manner respecting the dignity of the patient, relatives and carers, by illustrating this through discussion.
  • Demonstrate that the death of a patient is dealt in accordance with the law, national & local policy, by being able to refer to the said policies and documents.
  • Perform practically the clinical process for verifying an expected death.
  • Illustrate through discussion, the appropriate use of the registered nurse skills and competencies.
  • Highlight, through scenarios, that the reduction of delays can avoid difficulties.
  • Demonstrate by attitude and aptitude that death can be dignified, and that care after death supports the bereaved through understanding of available literature and research.