RESTORE2™ Mini Training – 27th January 2021

How does RESTORE2 work?

RESTORE2 provides a common language across healthcare helping staff to:

  • Recognise the early “soft signs” of deterioration
  • Obtain and record observations accurately
  • Obtain the NEWS2 (National Early Warning Score)
  • Respond and escalate concerns using the SBARD (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation and Decision) Communication tool and Action Tracker.

RESTORE2™ Mini Training

RESTORE2™ Mini is a condensed version of the full RESTORE2™ Tool training. This training is aimed at all registered and non-registered healthcare staff working in community healthcare settings or domiciliary care that do not currently record physiological observations. It is designed to support healthcare staff to:

  • recognise early “soft signs” which may indicate that a person is deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration
  • act appropriately according to the person’s care plan
  • escalate using structured communication to the most appropriate health professional
  • support professional decision making to get the right support within the right timescale

For more details and to book the RESTORE2™ Mini or the full RESTORE2™ Tool training, please use the following link: RESTORE2 + RESTORE2 Mini Training – Reach Cornwall

The Training Hub may be able to cover the cost of the course. Please contact us for details:

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