RESTORE2™ Full Training – 3rd February 2021

How does RESTORE2 work?

RESTORE2 provides a common language across healthcare helping staff to:

  • Recognise the early “soft signs” of deterioration
  • Obtain and record observations accurately
  • Obtain the NEWS2 (National Early Warning Score)
  • Respond and escalate concerns using the SBARD (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation and Decision) Communication tool and Action Tracker.

RESTORE2™ (Recognise Early Soft Signs, Take Observations, Respond and Escalate) Full Tool: is designed to support healthcare staff to:

  • recognise when a person may be deteriorating or is at risk of physical deterioration
  • act appropriately according to the person’s care plan
  • obtain a complete set of vital signs to inform escalation and conversations
  • speak with the most appropriate health professional in a timely way
  • provide an escalation history to health professionals using structured communication to help support professional decision making and get the right support within the right timescale

This training is aimed at registered and non-registered healthcare staff working in community healthcare settings or domiciliary care. Non-registered staff must have successfully completed physiological observations training and have evidence of competency assessment prior to attending this course. Registered staff are deemed already competent.

For more details and to book  the full RESTORE2™ Tool (or RESTORE2™ Mini) training, please use the following link: RESTORE2 + RESTORE2 Mini Training – Reach Cornwall

The Training Hub may be able to cover the cost of the course. Please contact us for details:

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