Respiratory Basics (Asthma & COPD) – starting 6th April 2021

This Respiratory Basics course is aimed at all health care professionals who are just beginning to work in the area of respiratory care or those who require an update.

It is made up of 2 interactive and practical webinar sessions and covers all the basics of Asthma and COPD, providing a good foundational base of knowledge. This course is helpful for those starting or undertaking reviews and diagnosis/history taking with respiratory testing.

Prior to attending the session, there is pre-work to complete which should take in the region of a couple of hours.


You must attend both webinars which will be hosted on MS Teams

Webinar 1 – Tuesday 6th April, 12.30-2.30

Webinar 2 – Tuesday 13th April, 12.30-2.30

Course Cost

This course is funded if your Practice subscribes to the Primary Care Education Programme.

The cost of the course for NON Education Programme Members is £50.

This event is being organised by Cornwall Training Hub and will be supported by a pharmaceutical company providing a promotional presentation. Chiesi Ltd will be providing a promotional presentation on the 6th April and Orion Pharma will be providing a promotional presentation on the 13th. Local formulary products may be discussed. Pharmaceutical companies have had no involvement in the organising or content of this meeting.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.