Practical Training for Leg Ulcer Management (For HCA and Registered Staff) -21st October 2021

This training is for HCAs and registered staff who have completed the relevant e-learning modules of the leg ulcer training, as follows:

Leg Ulcer Level 1 Elearning – For Health Care Assistants (Band 2 – 4)

Leg Ulcer Level 2 Elearning – For Registered Staff (Band 5 – 8)

All delegates must complete the relevant e-learning course prior to attending the practical face to face half day session and will be required to provide certificates of completion

The session will cover hosiery, type use and therapeutic effect, the application of compression bandaging K-two and SSB

The session involves the physical application of the bandaging on other delegates. Delegates should wear appropriate clothing for this to be acheived.

To request access to the elearning and to book a place, please email


Victoria Office Unit 5, Station Approach, Victoria, St Austell, PL26 8LG, Cornwall