PITstop Diabetes Advanced 2.5-day Programme (Virtual Learning) – starting 20th March 2024

This 2 1/2 day virtual course will focus on the assessment, initiation and initial support for people with type 2 diabetes requiring injectable therapy.

The course is taking place in 3 parts:

  • 20th March 2024, 8.45am – 4pm
  • 27th March 2024, 8.55am -4pm
  • 17th May 2024, 8.55am – 1.30pm

You must attend all dates.

This course is being delivered by PITstop for Diabetes.

An advanced training course, accredited with Greenwich university, focusing on supporting people with type 2 diabetes on more complex medication regimens, including GLP-1 agonists and insulin initiation and ongoing support.

Course overview

  • Revision of diabetes oral medications
  • GLP-1 Agonists, including initiation using a structured care pathway
  • Insulin: building the profile
  • Injection technique
  • Device workshop
  • Detective work at review appointments focusing on injectables
  • Insulin safety (self-directed learning)
  • When is insulin indicated?
  • Working through the PITstop insulin pathway to assess for insulin, initiate an appropriate insulin regimen and support the patient for the first 6-months: a case study approach
  • Changing insulin regimens
  • Dietary considerations and insulin, including minimising weight gain
  • Decisions about injectable therapies: a case study approach
  • Embedding the learning and university accreditation

Criteria to apply for a place

  • Clinicians working as part of a practice team already providing a diabetes service with knowledge of the oral medication pathway.
  • Have completed a foundation level diabetes course (including CDEP e-learning) or can provide evidence of self directed learning
  • Have access to a local mentor to embed the skills if your choose to complete the university accreditation, with the support of a local mentor.

University accreditation

Students choosing to complete the university accreditation, working towards 15 credits at level 5 (diploma), have 12 months to complete their PITstop competency assessment and reflective report. The competency assessment must be signed by a local mentor. Some practice team members attend PITstop to support their non-prescribing colleagues. They often choose not to complete the university accreditation, but they are encouraged to complete the competency self assessment.

Cost of course

For eligible staff within primary care in Cornwall, the cost of this course is funded by CPD monies. However, if a course place is cancelled within 2 weeks of the course start date, the place will be chargeable.

If you do not meet the eligibility for CPD funding for primary care staff in Cornwall, please contact us for further information about course costs – [email protected]

To apply

Please use our application form to apply for a place on this course. All forms must be returned to [email protected]