Passport to Primary Care: Core Topics – 13th October 2020

‘Passport to Primary Care’ is a Cornwall Primary Care Training Hub initiative, supporting access to primary care roles for newly qualified health care professionals/returners, those with previous experience in different health care fields, alongside those interested in non-clinical roles with no prior healthcare experience.

The ‘Passport’ programme offers core and optional multi-professional introductory training modules, after which participants can  select from a range of further training opportunities from the Training Hub prospectus. It is recommended that the Core Topics module be completed prior to the optional modules.

The core topics module is a 2 hour virtual session for all clinical and non-clinical staff and covers the following areas:

  • Service delivery in Primary Care: Organisational structure of primary care, how services are provided, commissioned and regulated
  • Safe practice in Primary Care: Record keeping, confidentiality, consent, safeguarding and domestic abuse.

The core topics module is being delivered on Tuesday 13th October from 12.30 to 2.30. Please scroll down to book.

The training is delivered via a blended learning approach including e-learning and highly directed study followed by live interactive sessions involving presentations, case scenarios and quizzes to consolidate learning.

Booking information – when completing the booking form, you should respond ‘no’ when asked to confirm if you are signed up to the Primary Care Education Programme and then use the code ‘PASSPORT’ when asked for your Practice code.

To book onto the Passport to Primary Care Optional Modules, please click on the links below: