Malnutrition Training: Screening, First Line Nutrition Advice & Oral Nutritional Supplements – 22nd September 2021

Malnutrition is an under recognised condition with far reaching health consequences, affecting 11% of patients in GP practices. This training educates on:

  • what malnutrition is and the importance of malnutrition screening
  • how to use MUST (malnutrition universal screening tool) to screen for those at risk of malnutrition. MUST has been identified by NICE (national institute of clinical excellence) as a suitable tool to screen for malnutrition
  • practical first line nutrition advice you can use with patients at risk of malnutrition
  • local resources available to help with first line nutrition advice
  • oral nutritional supplements, when they might be appropriate to use, and which products are suggested as first and second line choices
  • appropriate referral to a dietitian

The training would be suitable for patient facing roles in primary care such as practice nurses, health care assistants, pharmacists and paramedics.

This course is for staff working within the Cornwall healthcare economy. If you work outside Cornwall and are interested in this course, please email


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