HEE FCP Roadmap (Paramedic) stage 1 mapping webinar: a practical approach – 14th September 2021

The BNSSG Training hub are running a webinar on Tuesday 14th September at 7pm-8pm to share their learning about using and applying the HEE FCP Paramedic Roadmap.

Kerri Magnus, AP lead will chair the meeting discussion. Rachel Butt (HEE Roadmap Supervisor) will run through the mapping of personal KS&A to discuss examples of potential evidence for those on the portfolio route and also demonstrate the use of the HEE FCP framework spreadsheet tool to record this portfolio of evidence.

They will then discuss the tool and map 2-3 items of evidence in each domain (A-D) to give examples. There will be time for questions at the end.

Please register via the link here 

Please email kerri.magnus2@nhs.net for further information.