Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Adult Asthma

5th October / 19th October / 2nd November – All 3 dates must be attended

You must be able to complete 1.5 hours of pre-learning before attending each live virtual seminar. 

This e-learning module is suitable for healthcare professionals who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in asthma utilising the most up to date evidence-based guidance. Delivered through a combination of interactive e-learning, videos, case studies and live webinar sessions hosted in Google Classroom.

Learning Outcomes

To be able to

  • Apply the latest asthma guidance
  • Understand the diagnostic criteria to reach a robust diagnosis
  • Identify the goals of asthma treatment and the challenges
  • Understand the treatment options and tailor them to the patient
  • Recognise patients with suboptimal asthma control at risk of exacerbation and hospital admission and how to address this, knowing when to refer
  • Provide a good quality review with supported self-management

This is delivered as 3 units, each comprising of e-learning (1 hour) which learners will have 2 weeks to complete in advance of a live webinar. In total, this programme will consist of 6 hours of learning. The 6 hours of e-learning is spread out over 6 weeks. You will receive a certificate for 6 hours CPD.

Please find full course details by clicking on the ‘course agenda’ icon on the right.


Course Dates

Once you have booked, you will be provided with access the e-learning content in Google Classroom. You must complete around  1.5 hours of learning prior to attending each seminar.

It is essential to attend all 3 live webinars.

Unit 1 Webinar (Diagnosis): 5th October 11am – 12pm

Case studies and Q&A for 1 hour

Unit 2 Webinar (Management): 19th October 11am – 12pm

Case studies and Q&A for 1 hour

Unit 3 Webinar (Effective Annual Review): 2nd November 11am – 12pm

Case studies and Q&A for 1 hour


Course Cost

This course is funded if your Practice subscribes to the Primary Care Education Programme.

The cost of the course for NON Education Programme Members is £75.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.