Catheterisation – Monday 19th October 2020

Catheter (Developing Competence) course

Key objectives are:

  • Understand the problems/issues of indwelling urinary catheters (IUC)
    Discuss strategies to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI)
    Discuss how to improving safety and care

Topics covered:

  • Latest information on IUC (clinical guidance on best practice; decision making; insertion and removal)
  • ANTT procedure for female and male catheterisation (via DVD)
  • Infection control – CAUTI
  • Safe practice
  • Problem solving
  • Documentation
  • Simulated practice on a male and female catheterisation models
  • Catheter passport provided

Facilitated by Sharon Eustice, Nurse Consultant, Bladder and Bowel Specialist service

This course is free for all those Practice staff enrolled in Primary Care Education Programme, using code – KernowTV


Bookings are no longer available for this event.


Carew House, Dunmere Road, Bodmin, PL31 2QT