An Update in COPD – 14th September 2021

Audience: This webinar is aimed at healthcare professionals that are already managing COPD patients in practice and are wanting an update.

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of getting the right diagnosis
  • The latest evidence and guidelines for COPD management
  • The treatment options and tailoring treatment to the patient
  • Non pharmacological management options
  • Recognising and managing exacerbations
  • Supported self-management

The webinar will be hosted via Google Meet / Classroom. The link will be sent out in advance of the meeting by either Cornwall Training Hub or LR Respiratory. Your contact details will be shared with LR Respiratory.

Throughout the webinar you will be expected to contribute to discussion and will be able to contribute and ask questions using the ‘chat feature’.

This meeting is kindly supported by GSK in the form of payment for speaker fees. GSK did not initiate the meeting and have had no input into the content, programme or organisation. At the start of the webinar, GSK will deliver a 10-minute presentation.

This course is for staff working within the Cornwall healthcare economy. If you work outside Cornwall and are interested in this course, please email


Bookings are no longer available for this event.