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Cornwall 111 Integrated Urgent Care Service

Cornwall 111 Integrated Urgent Care Service (IUCS) launched 30th November 2017. Cornwall 111 IUCS is managed by Kernow Health CIC in partnership with Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust and Vocare. Kernow Health CIC is owned and managed by the General Practices of Cornwall and therefore is uniquely positioned to deliver a coherent in and out of hours offer for Cornish patients. Because our shareholders and practice staff work within primary care during the day they are best placed to deliver primary care in the out of hours period. Many of our Board members work for us  in the Out of Hours period as GP's. We are the first service in the country to offer this model of service where our shareholders and Directors manage and work in the service to provide real on the ground clinical leadership and guidance.

Cornwall 111  IUCS is based on a new model of urgent care enabling patients to get the right care at the right time from the right person. We offer access to urgent health services 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, simply by making a free call to NHS 111.  We understand the need for certain people to have earlier access to a clinician so we ensure that clinicians speak to you at the most appropriate time for your condition. We offer appropriate appointments at local treatment centres and home visits for those patients whose condition requires urgent medical intervention in a home environment.

What does that mean to you?

  • Improved access to urgent healthcare services 24/7

  • No need to repeat yourself every time you speak to someone about your call

  • A seamless and safer service

  • A complete, continuous patient journey

  • Quicker, easier access to urgent and emergency care

  • Improved patient experience and outcomes

We are an urgent care service and therefore we do not deal with routine GP appointments or routine enquiries. We are set up to enable urgent care for patients who genuinely cannot wait until their GP is open and their condition is or will get worse if they do not have medical intervention.

We do not deal with

  • Routine GP appointments

  • Routine enquiries

  • Routine medication dispensing
If you require any of the above service then please contact your own GP during office hours.

If you wish to contact us regarding how well we have done or where you believe we need to improve then please call 01872 222400 or click here to email our Governance Team.


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