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Cornwall Community Education Provider Network (CEPN)

What is a CEPN?

Community Education Provider Networks (CEPN’s) also known as training hubs are “collaborative networks of service and education providers working together across a geographic footprint with the shared purpose of creating the right workforce to support the delivery of population health outcomes”.

The GP Five Year Forward View (GPFV) signals the importance of CEPNs in taking forward training, development and support to General Practice specifically in order to help stabilise, sustain and then transform models of care. In a recent report a number of critical areas were highlighted regarding the importance of releasing time so that staff could be freed up by reducing bureaucracy

Why do we need a CEPN?

At a time of unprecedented increased demand and significantly constrained resources, there are large gaps in workforce both in our GPs and Practice Nurses. In our area, many GPs, practice nurses and managers are intending to retire in the next 5 years, we need to be recruiting around 20 Practice Nurses each year, every year just to stand still. Many of the reasons why people want to leave have been already been well documented and our CEPN will try and address the issues raised.

Regional CEPNs working together

In Somerset, Devon and Cornwall the CEPN’s have been linked to the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN SW). These three CEPN areas have agreed some general priorities and outcomes generic to all 3 groups. The AHSN(SW) have appointed a full time regional project manager to work with the local CEPNs to deliver the following:

  1. Identification of what is already spent on training all (practice) staff.
  2. Understanding what each health care section already delivers.
  3. Development of a website with booking system for all practice staff. (Currently available for Practice Nurses only in Cornwall)
  4. Increasing training placements and understanding where our current experts are.
  5. Exploring transferability across organisations of Health Care Assistant qualification and care certificate
  6. Exploration of an umbrella hosting employer.
  7. Exploration of a group negotiated indemnity insurance and governance.
  8. Exploring the use and involvement of the voluntary sector to undertake health training.

Cornwall CEPN

CEPNs need to be sustainable as there is only a small sum of money allocated to set up costs covering the first three years. The CEPN will seek external funding streams to deliver the projects identified as part of its portfolio.

CEPNs do not always deliver education, although in Cornwall it is envisaged that Primary Care education will continue to be partly run through the Rolling Programme which we hope to extend to other Primary Care staff, for example, managers and clerical. Over the coming months, we will further define the scope and remit of Cornwall CEPN.

Please contact if you have any comments or suggestions. The CEPNs for Devon, Cornwall and Somerset have been formally acknowledged and funding released to the lead organisations; for Cornwall, Kernow Health CIC is the lead organisation. KH CIC project lead is Paul Jeffrey and he leads on a number of projects. Paul’s contact details are and you can read more about Paul here


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